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Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of the hype related to conducting business online?

"Make a million dollars in your underwear" read the headlines.

The websites say it is possible to have push-button solutions so you can make money while you sleep.

And you may think, "If the happy, smiling faces on the site say they can do it, why can't I?"

Let's face it.   Those massive income claims can be alluring... but you have to wonder if they are legitimate.

My name is Joel Comm, and for the past fifteen years I have discovered a gold mine on the Internet.

I've built and sold a number of websites, had one site acquired by Yahoo!, written a number of books including a New York Times Best-Seller, Hosted and Produced an Internet reality show, become a prominent name in the social media space and developed iPhone applications known the world over.

I guess you could say I've "been there, done that!"

But I've also seen a lot of good people get burned by believing the hucksters, charlatans and snake-oil salesman that promise massive income for little to no effort.

It just doesn't work that way!


In fact, much of the teaching and systems on the market are overhyped and overpriced.

I believe that it is important to pay top dollar for top value.

But I also believe in providing people with massive value for their money.

Forget about making millions online. Forget about making one hundred thousand dollars online.

Instead, ask yourself this question....


What kind of difference would that make for you?

I believe it's a car payment.... a mortgage payment... a tuition payment...a much-needed vacation.

I am here to tell you that it is possible!

Not only that, but once you learn my strategies for making money online you will not only believe it is possible, but you will be one step closer to financial freedom.

After all, if you can make your first $100 online, you can make your second $100 online.

And if you can make your first $1000 online, you can begin to see how this all works and how you can break free from your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke!)

I believe it is possible to turn your passion, knowledge and skills into profits online.

Do you know what that sounds like?

It sounds like Ka-CHING!

That's the sound the cash register makes when a sale is made.

It's a happy sound, because it alerts you that you are doing business!

In my new book,

"KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays"

I help you focus on the perfect niche for you, and demonstrate a number of ways that you can turn your passion, knowledge and skills into a legitimate online business designed to provide you with the freedom you desire.

Page after page is filled with ready-to-use online business strategies that will show you:


The very real opportunity that exists for anyone to create their own money-making website (forget the hype, this is how people are really doing it)
How to pick the perfect niche that can excite you and pay off in real income (Hint: it's not following the latest hot trend...)
How to get the web's biggest search engine to send you money each month like clockwork (Hint: the site starts with a "G" and I regularly get five-figure checks from them each month!)
The best way to sell product online without having to deal with physical products, shipping or inventory (there are thousands of merchants who would love to partner with you)
How to create a revenue stream that brings recurring revenue each and every month (memberships = money... remember that!)
Why people will pay top dollar to learn from an "expert" and how to position yourself so you are that expert! (If you get nothing else from this book, this one can pay off for years to come)
The type of content delivery that outsells and outprofits every other kind (information is power... and KaChing!)
And much, much more!

KaChing takes my years of successful online experience and makes it all easy for you to understand.

Here's what others are saying about KaChing...


 "Turning your passion into profit is Joel's keystone in life, and he possesses the uncanny ability to deliver a clear road map enabling precise results, again and again. Follow Joel's formulas for creating revenue streams online and you'll discover a whole new level of decisive confidence, both online and in life."

 - Gary W. Goldstein, Hollywood Movie Producer

"If you can't make money online after reading Joel Comm's KaChing, you should not be allowed to drive a car or operate large machinery! Joel Comm could not have made your path to internet wealth more clear or simple."

 - Joseph Michelli, PhD,  bestselling author of
The Starbucks Experience, The New Gold Standard

"With Twitter Power, Joel Comm demonstrated how to build and nurture productive digital relationships. With KaChing, he teaches how to tap into your passions and create online revenue streams via several compelling models. If you're serious about creating revenue online, without having to live online, read this book and apply its best practices."
 - David Nour, bestselling author of Relationship Economics and ConnectAbility

"If you've considered starting an online business or have one that isn't making any money, check out Joel Comm's book and find your KaChing button."

 - Alexis Martin Neely,

"Joel Comm is a master teacher when it comes to following your passion and becoming extremely successful with your online businesses. In this book, he tells you how you can do both, and his methods are easy enough for anyone to follow. If you have been searching for a way to profit from what your are passionate about, you must read this book!"

 - Jen Groover, creator of the Butler Bag and author of What If? and Why Not?

Plus when you order your copy of KaChing, you will have an opportunity to get your very own KaChing Button (TM) for FREE!

I love cool gadgets that make people smile.

I have traveled with my own KaChing Button for the past few months, and everywhere I go people ask me where they can get one.

Much to other's dismay, I have not made them available at any price.

Until now!

Every customer who purchases a copy of KaChing from one of the fine booksellers on this site is entitled to One FREE KaChing Button.

You pay only a small shipping & handling fee so I can get the button into your hands.

You will be able to order your KaChing Button after you purchase your copy of KaChing.

HOWEVER, I truly do have a limited supply of KaChing Buttons! Once they are gone, I may or may not have more made. But the fast action takers will be the first ones to get KaChing Buttons!

Simply enter your name, email address and order confirmation number from,, or in the form below.

Once you do that, I've got one more special gift for you!

I have pulled together DOZENS of bonuses from some of the world's leading online business trainers and teachers.

They have contributed valuable ebooks, videos, audio interviews, software and more that you will have unlimited access to as a KaChing customer....

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* Rich Schefren’s flagship Founders Club Program.
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Are you ready to enjoy the sound and experience of KaChing?


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